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Making the most of your property means incorporating beautiful design elements such as landscaping, hardscaping and water features. It also means you need to keep your family and guests comfortable, and your lawn care equipment stored safely and privately. From your driveway and garden paths to storage sheds, custom benches and heirloom gardens, Shearer Patio & Landscape Services has the expertise you need to design a beautiful and functional look you’ll love for years to come. For over 20 years, Shearer Patio & Landscape Services has created outdoor living environments that meet a diverse array of needs. A properly designed outdoor environment by Shearer Patio & Landscape Services can help you live on the property of your dreams — beautifully, durably and functionally. With custom outdoor benches and storage solutions from Shearer Patio & Landscape Services, you can beautify your home while keeping your friends and family comfortable. Outdoor Woodwork by Shearer Patio & Landscape Services The right patio woodwork helps you and your guests relax and enjoy being outdoors. A properly constructed shed not only has enough room to store your lawn supplies and equipment, it also is attractive on the outside and adds to the ambiance of your property. Whatever your outdoor woodworking project, the right weatherproof materials will keep your seating and storage strong. At Shearer Patio & Landscape Services, we have the know-how necessary to construct benches and sheds that will stand the test of time — beautifully. We’ll construct your custom outdoor woodworking project with durable, beautiful materials that will withstand everything from rain and snow to wind and sun. We can create your outdoor wood project using sustainable, eco-friendly materials. We can build your benches and shed with woods that resist rot and insect infestation. We can also construct and finish your custom woodwork expertly, so that it resists shrinking and warping — and lasts through many years of tough use. Let Shearer Patio & Landscape Services Build a Custom Shed for Your Home Buying a shed from your local home repair store might tempt you. There are several important reasons to consider building a custom shed, however. Sheds do more than store lawn and garden equipment, toys, sporting goods and other frequently used items. When planned appropriately, the shed can eliminate clutter in your home while enhancing the look of your property. Without careful thought, you could wind up with a pre-built shed that doesn’t have proper ventilation or lighting, or is constructed from materials that cannot resist moisture, pests and other damage. Before you purchase a shed from a big-box supplier, talk to Shearer Patio & Landscape Services. We can design and construct a custom shed that will enhance the look and value of your property. We’ll talk to you about your needs and configure a design that meets those needs within your budget. We’ll use weather- and pest-resistant materials, and we’ll ensure your shed meets the building codes in your community. With Shearer Patio & Landscape Services, you’ll have a beautiful, durable and functional custom shed that enhances your home — instead of detracting from it. Call Columbus, Ohio’s Favorite Landscape Service for a Complimentary Consultation Shearer Patio & Landscape Services is ready to help you build the custom outdoor woodworking project that will enhance the look and value of your home. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Career Pro Plus | Federal Resume Writing Service

Transitioning from the military or the private sector into a federal job requires relevant experience, a well-written federal resume that features keywords and appropriate terminology, and polished interview skills. Unlike the private sector, however, making a simple clerical mistake on your federal resume or application can ruin your chances for consideration. Whether you’re writing a federal government resume for the first time or you’re an experienced professional with several federal jobs under your belt, you need is one of the oldest and most respected career management services in the country. We have helped tens of thousands of job seekers win interviews and job offers since 1986. In fact, 99.6% of clients report feeling extremely satisfied with our services, and 85% of our clients have won interviews that led to offers. When you hire, you’ll work with a firm that is well-positioned to help you achieve your professional goals with federal resume writing and one-on-one career coaching. Isn’t it time you received the interviews and opportunities you deserve? WE HELP MILITARY MEMBERS TRANSITION TO FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT If you are about to leave the military, you are undoubtedly proud of your many accomplishments while serving your country. However, you may be apprehensive about your job prospects in civilian life, particularly when you consider the relatively high unemployment rate experienced by returning veterans. can turn your military-format resume into a compelling federal resume that translates your experience and expertise. If you are transitioning from the private sector to the federal government, our Master Federal Career Advisors and Master Federal Resume Writers will assist you in targeting specific occupations and federal agencies. GET THE INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS YOU DESERVE The federal resume writing service offered by CareerProPlus can provide you with the tools you need to hold your own in the highly competitive federal job market. Since 1986, CareerProPlus has proudly served military personnel in their employment quest. We’ve written more than 55,000 military, civilian and federal resumes, resulting in 85% of our clients landing interviews that lead to job offers. If you’re having trouble getting through the application process, can refine your federal resume and get you in the right place at the right time. Are you tired of: Applying for federal jobs but never receiving interviews? Wondering how to develop your federal resume and KSAs? Performing in your current role, but ready to transfer to another federal agency? Getting passed over for promotions because you’re not sure how to write your federal resume? Wanting to apply for a federal job, and getting sidetracked by USAJOBS? Being “Qualified” but never “Best Qualified”? Wondering how to navigate the challenging Senior Executive Service (SES) application process? Navigating complex career transitions that keep you stuck in your current role? We Specialize in Simplifying Challenging Transitions At CareerProPlus, we’re experts at helping people seamlessly navigate the challenging career transition phase. For instance, if you are attempting to move from the military into the corporate world, we can ensure that your resume is free of military jargon that might not be applicable to the private sector. We can also highlight your military skills in a way that makes them transferable to civilian life. This can help you land job interviews more quickly and get hired faster. A Federal Resume Writing Service Featuring Top-Caliber Writers CareerProPlus gives you access to a premier writing team holding prestigious certifications, such as Master Military Resume Writer and Master Federal Resume Writer, ensuring your resume is not only written well, but also relevant to the types of jobs you are seeking. You will be assigned a dedicated resume writer who will consult with you throughout the entire resume preparation process. Our writers benefit from a comprehensive initial training program, as well as ongoing training throughout their career. You will also work on a one-on-one basis with a Master Federal Career Advisor to help you determine the best jobs to apply for in accordance with your unique career goals and qualifications. When you choose, you’ll partner with a career management service that offers: The reputation and experience you need to gain access to top-level federal jobs, including Senior Executive Service jobs. Expertly trained writers who earn and update certifications in federal, military and corporate resume writing. Award-winning writers who will package and promote your skills and experience into a compelling application. Federal jobs experts who know how to secure an SES job, how to write a civilian resume and more. Superior attention to detail that includes customized services, including one-on-one coaching and collaboration during challenging federal selection and interview processes. A free consultation and Quick Quote developed for your personal needs. Special programs and discounts for members of the military, including job coaching and training for veterans that are unsure of how to approach the federal jobs marketplace. For a personalized consultation, call today at 800-471-9201.

Boyer & Ritter | Divorce CPAs, Divorce Litigation Services

Evaluating and separating jointly held marital assets and debts is one of the biggest challenges in many divorces. Getting through this stressful time smoothly and fairly is often a top priority. However, dividing assets and debts can be extremely complex. A forensic accountant can assist in valuing marital assets and determining income available for support. At Boyer & Ritter, our team of forensic accountants can help you and your former spouse reach a fair settlement and define a clear dire

212 Tax | IRS Tax Audit Representation

IRS Tax Audit Help The Internal Revenue Service and/or your State Department of Taxation can choose to review your income tax return for accuracy if it believes some or all of your return is incorrect. This process is generally referred to as a tax audit. Although many people fear the audit, it does not necessarily mean you have broken any tax laws. It also does not mean your return is definitely incorrect. It may mean you need audit representation from an NYC tax firm with experience managing the IRS, State & City authorities. Many times, an individual that is subject to an audit immediately assumes that they will need an attorney. This is not always the case – in fact, many times a CPA is a great choice for audit representation and much more reasonably priced than a tax attorney. If you find yourself on the receiving end of an IRS, State, or NYC tax audit, the NYC accountants at 212 Tax can thoroughly analyze and defend your case, giving you the peace of mind you need to navigate the review process. How Returns Are Chosen Large, unusual, and suspicious items reported on a tax return increase the odds that the IRS will choose to analyze your return. If the IRS suspects that you or your return preparer made mistakes on your return, it may choose to audit. In general, the IRS searches for extra revenue by seeking individuals who underreport or fail to report – or who inflate deductions to reduce total tax owed. If the IRS flagged your return, these are the two most likely explanations. What to Bring to Your Initial Consultation When you meet with 212 Tax for your initial consultation, you will need to bring all documents that pertain to your case. These include the notice or notices sent by the IRS, an accurate and complete copy of the return you submitted, and any supporting documentation. These supporting documents can include: - expense receipts - mortgage interest and property tax statements - 1099s - W2s - documents pertaining to your business if you are self-employed - foreign income information any other important tax documents that are relevant to the year being audited. It is important to share all information pertaining to the audited year in order to achieve the most favorable result. It is much better to hire an accountant to defend your case early in the audit process rather than wait until the IRS threatens to levy or collect on the tax debt it thinks you owe. You have rights during the tax audit process, and many taxpayers answer questions during IRS hearings they are not legally required to answer. What to Expect During the Audit Process At 212 Tax, our tax accountants will take the time to understand your background and story. We will thoroughly explain the audit process to you. Following our analysis, we will identify probable outcomes and recommend a strategy. If you get additional notices from the IRS, it is important to share those notices with 212 Tax immediately. Many notices highlight important deadlines, dates, and instructions. If you are worried about meeting an IRS officer face-to-face, the accountants at 212 Tax can handle it for you. In fact, we usually recommend that you cease contact with the IRS and allow us to defend your case for you. However, do not expect the audit to resolve itself in a few weeks – dealing with certain departments of the federal, state and local governments usually takes at least a couple months. Get Experienced IRS Audit Representation in NYC If you have received a notice from the IRS or NY State regarding a tax audit, call 212 Tax to schedule a consultation.

Maverick Homes | Custom Home Builders and Pre-Priced Plans in Central PA

If you desire a custom home built to the specifications defined by your lifestyle — without a custom-designed price tag — welcome to Maverick Homes. Founded in 2007, central PA home builder Maverick Homes partners with the world’s best architects to build anything you want, any way you want it. With Maverick, you are the boss! Explore our completely customizable home plans, request a quote and find out how our streamlined design process will give you the home you’ve always wanted at a competitive price you never dreamed of paying. More Quality, More Flexibility Our in-house design process and responsive 3D modeling program are only two of the benefits that set us apart from our competitors. Maverick’s custom home building team never says no to our customers, as long as all requests meet safe building standards. Make your project more affordable by performing certain tasks yourself, such as painting, or installing trim or flooring. Work with your own designer, or let us handle the entire project with specialized pricing that includes total transparency, with independent pricing. With Maverick, the choices are yours to make. From Pre-Priced Plans to Complete Customization, Maverick Makes It Happen When you partner with Maverick custom home builders, you can choose from Pre-Priced plans, modify an existing plan to your precise specifications or create an entirely new design. Our design process includes a 3D walk-through that allows our customers to visualize a home before construction begins, saving time, materials and money. If you want to make a change, no problem — we can modify your plan free of charge before construction. What We Offer The custom and Pre-Priced homes Maverick builds includes high quality features you’ll pay extra for elsewhere. We offer poured concrete basements with waterproof walls that are both larger and drier than our competitors. Maverick uses Advantech subflooring with a 1-year warranty against water. Your home will include architectural shingles with a lifetime warranty instead of a 30-year warranty. Put no money down during the design process, and benefit from our relationships with renowned architects known worldwide for quality work. And because we provide a 22-page standards and specifications guide, you can relax knowing your home will be built safely and comfortably. From a charming Cape Cod-style home with character to a mountain-style home perfect for family get-togethers, Maverick Homes can create the home of your dreams. Quality and Craftsmanship at a Reasonable Profit If you’re tired of reading about quality and craftsmanship with little evidence to back it up, join the club. The fact is that Maverick Homes builds great homes, with quality materials and tremendous craftsmanship, at a reasonable profit. How do we do it? Our streamlined design/build process lets us construct more homes than other custom home builders, expanding our volume but maintaining our ability to customize the details that make the difference between so-so and spectacular. We know your home says more about you than anything else. Contact Maverick, and let’s discuss together how we can create the home of your dreams with personalized design and competitive, flexible pricing.