12 Keys Rehab | Addiction Rehab Model

The 12 Keys Model of Treatment is a multi-track, multi-disciplinary method of treating addiction, mental and behavioral health, trauma and social problems simultaneously. The recovery process at 12 Keys is administered by a large and qualified professional staff who have received extensive training in this model - in addition to all their training for licensure and certification. Continuous assessment, monitoring and 1-1 counseling allow us to be very flexible when formulating treatment plans. Every case is different and each requires gathering information from a multitude of sources, including self-disclosure, family, peers and observations by the treatment team and support staff. Each source presents a point of view to be considered. The treatment planning is reviewed and approved by the Clinical Director and Medical Director prior to implementation. As the client progresses through the early stages of treatment, new problems and revelations begin to present. Our team is there to review and prescribe additional treatments for each specific problem. We employ many modalities of treatment, including EMDR, Bio Feedback, Motivational Interviewing and 1-1 discussions with staff who has training and experience dealing with the problem. Outcomes show that treating all the associated conditions combined with the 12 step rehab program produces excellent results. Treating the client holistically means we help The Mind, The Spirit and The Body concurrently. Our low client to therapist ratio is what affords us the time to identify and treat all the issues that drive addiction. Family involvement helps restore damaged relationships, provides relief for the family and begins to erase the guilt and other negative emotions that accompany addiction. At 12 Keys, each therapist handles at most a 5 client case load and has the support of the Clinical Director and Medical Director, along with 25 other staff members, most of whom are in recovery. There is always someone to talk to at 12 Keys.

Hydroworx Exercise Pools | Exercise Pool Information Kit

Take your performance training or weight loss goals to a new level with a HydroWorx exercise pool. Research conducted at Texas A&M University proves the effectiveness of HydroWorx aquatic therapy for exercise, weight loss, pain management & fitness. Studies show HydroWorx underwater treadmill running or walking is a pain-free alternative to land-based treadmills. Underwater treadmills allow the user to correctly simulate land-based walking, running or sports-specific activities but without the bodyweight and joint impact one experiences on land. Exercises such as walking, retro-walking, sprinting, shuffling, back-pedaling and plyometric activities are easily performed on the large, cushioned treadmill surface. Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Fitness, Exercise & Weight Loss: Can burn more calories per minute than land exercise Decreased pain and muscle soreness Reduced swelling Increased strength and mobility Helps to regain range of motion and endurance Improved balance Maintain fitness levels while injured Lose more body fat and gain more lean muscle mass HydroWorx has an aquatic therapy solution to fit all applications and budgets. To view all of our aquatic therapy products Click Here >>

All Hands Home Care | Homepage

WELCOME TO ALL HANDS HOME CARE All Hands Home Care provides trained and compassionate non-medical in-home care living assistance services to seniors and individuals of all ages in the Central Pennsylvania region. If you require care for yourself or a loved one, a certified in-home caregiver from All Hands Home Care can provide your family with the safe, experienced attention you need. Whether your loved one is dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you have elderly parents or grandparents that need additional help with household chores or errands, you’re a new mom who needs a helping hand, or you’re searching for trustworthy in-home care for a loved one with a disability or injury, your family will benefit from All Hands Home Care. Our in-home caregivers serve families in the Central Pennsylvania Region, including Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, York and Lancaster areas.

The Giannotto Clinic | Medical Hair Restoration in DC & VA areas

The Hair Restoration Washington DC Trusts Most Dr. Richard Giannotto and the team of professionals at the Giannotto Clinic offer the Washington DC area state-of-the-science surgical and non-surgical hair restoration therapies for men and women. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Giannotto and find out which options are right for you. Hair Restoration Surgery in Northern Virginia Dr. Giannotto employs two methods of hair restoration surgery. Each provide permanent, natural-looking results. The process of hair restoration is simply a matter of transplanting hair from DHT resistant areas of the scalp —usually the back and sides — where hair is immune from the genetic and hormonal mechanisms causing progressive loss, to the frontal, mid-scalp and crown areas which are thinning. The hair is transplanted follicular unit by follicular unit and Dr. Giannotto uses state of the art stereo-microscopy to guide his work. Success requires not just precise surgical skill, but also true artistry. Having performed thousands upon thousands of hair restoration procedures in the last 25 years, Dr. Giannotto produces consistently amazing results and his work speaks for itself as the hair restoration Virginia counts on most. The procedure takes time, but happily, you will feel nothing. You will have a sedative and can even watch a movie while the doctor works his magic. The restoration procedures performed at the Giannotto Clinic include the state of the art Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using ARTAS, SmartGraft and Neograft technologies and the traditional Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) using the incisional or strip method. The automated FUE methods are not to be confused with “manual” FUE in which the physician manually inserts a small punch into the DHT resistant areas (donor area) and extracts the follicular unit. This procedure is inaccurate, results in follicular transection and damage to the donor area. The automated FUE technologies at Dr. Giannotto’s disposal use a robotic device to aid the physician in removing the follicular unit with minimal bleeding and NO damage to the donor area. The procedure is minimally invasive and results in reduced postoperative healing time. Hair Restoration Clinic for Men and Women in Washington DC The Giannotto Clinic is pleased to offer surgical hair restoration for men and women in Washington DC. The type of therapy that is right for you depends upon your hair, preferences and goals. Dr. Giannotto will review all of your options during your consultation. Dr. Giannotto will evaluate each client for hair restoration. Hair color, texture, curl and density are all addressed during this evaluation.Your potential for future hair loss will also be determined. Based upon this evaluation as well as individual expectations, a treatment plan will be outlined regarding medical and/or surgical therapies. If surgery is recommended, the type of procedure (FUE or FUT), the total number of follicular units required and the cost will be addressed. A Personalized Surgical Plan for Men and Women in Washington DC You will be given the opportunity to meet directly with Dr. Giannotto to discuss your options in detail. Contact Dr. Giannotto for a free consultation and find out why thousands of clients trust him for natural, permanent results.

Excellence in Fitness | Homepage

Get the Results You Deserve at Maryland’s Best Fitness Studio If you want to lose weight, and you’re tired of feeling frustrated at the gym, it's time to join Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios. Our dedicated fitness professionals maximize your workout with a customized, comprehensive training plan that burns fat, builds lean muscle mass and boosts metabolism. Schedule a free consultation and demo workout with a professional at EIF. The Benefits of Fat Loss Programs EIF is the best weight loss program in Millersville, MD because our professionals know how to optimize your exercise time. Although achieving a fit appearance is a top goal of many of our clients, our weight loss programs are about so much more than wearing the same size you wore in high school. Our customized fat loss programs can: 1. Give obesity - and the life-threatening health problems that go along with it - the kick to the curb it deserves. 2. Boost your metabolism so you burn calories faster. 3. Improve your energy level, mood, self-esteem, confidence and sex drive. 4. Help you overcome exercise plateaus so you can achieve peak athletic performance. 5. Get you off blood pressure and other medications. 6. Reduce your risk of heart disease and other deadly conditions. Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women of All Ages and Abilities No matter where you are in your fitness journey, your EIF professional can design a weight loss program that works. The training you’ll get will motivate you to reach your weight loss goals, safely and reliably. Forget about the days you spent feeling intimidated at the gym, unsure how much weight to use or how many reps to do — your trainer will motivate and guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a beginner who needs to learn proper form or an experienced athlete who wants to get in even better shape, the professionals at EIF will empower you to achieve peak performance. EIF Is More Than a Gym EIF is the hands-on approach that empowers you to achieve your personal best results. When you join EIF, you’ll get: 1. The Best Personal Trainers, as voted by Maryland residents eight years in a row. 2. Our exclusive Body of Excellence training plan that's the best fat loss program in Severn, MD. 3. An uncrowded, clean space with equipment that’s in perfect condition. 4. Award-winning professionals who are unparalleled in helping clients meet and exceed their fitness goals. 5. Goal-focused training that motivates and inspires you to perform your best at every workout. The Clear Leader in Personal Fitness Training Why spend the rest of your life wishing you looked and felt better? Leave ambivalence and low energy behind and set the high fitness bar you deserve with training from EIF. Call EIF today to schedule your free consultation and workout demo!

Prebiotin | Prebiotics and Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria in yogurt, other dairy products and pills. Doctors often prescribe probiotics to patients on antibiotics in an attempt to combat gastrointestinal side effects of the medication. And while probiotics have been shown effective in managing certain gastrointestinal conditions, they do not have the same power that prebiotics do. First, they’re delicate — heat and stomach acid can kill them, rendering them ineffective before they’ve even been digested. Also, those who don’t eat dairy foods for taste or dietary reasons may find ingesting adequate amounts of probiotics difficult, if not impossible. Finally, we don’t know which “good” bacteria our unique bodies would benefit from. For some people, a certain good bacterial strain would be helpful. For others, it may not. When we consume probiotics, we’re taking a guess at which bacteria might be helpful and hoping for the best. We’re also hoping the ones that make it past the heat and acid of our stomach will actually go on to provide some health benefits to our system. If this is a probiotic then what is a prebiotic? In short, the prebiotic is a specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishes the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon. While probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut, prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that’s already there. They help your good bacteria grow, improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio. This ratio has been shown to have a direct correlation to your health and overall wellbeing, from your stomach to your brain. The body itself does not digest these plant fibers. Instead, it uses these fibers to promote the growth of many of the good bacteria in the gut. These, in turn, provide many digestive and general health benefits. Recent studies have also shown prebiotics and good bacterial gut balance play a direct role in mental health. Individuals who consume prebiotics on a daily basis have fewer issues with anxiety, depression and stress. In fact, when their saliva was tested, it contained lower levels of cortisol. High levels of this hormone have been linked directly to mental health disorders. Prebiotics, unlike probiotics, are not destroyed in the body. They are not affected by heat or bacteria. Getting the full benefits of prebiotics is easy, especially when consumed in a full-spectrum supplement form. Prebiotin is the only full-spectrum prebiotic on the market. This means the Prebiotin formula of prebiotic supplements contains both inulin and oligofructose. This full spectrum formula treats the entire bowel wall for maximum effectiveness. And Prebiotin has been proven by numerous independent scientific studies to increase the number of healthy bacteria in the colon, the benefits of which are impressive and essential to overall health and well being.

SPRSI | Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Love your figure. Enjoy your life. Body shape dramatically affects self-image. If you’re looking forward to feeling your best, SPRSI can help you reach your goals. Dr. Nathan Brought, a double-board certified plastic surgeon serving patients in the Nashville, Tennessee region, expertly performs a wide range of body contouring procedures that can help you get the shape you want. From liposuction to tummy tuck to thigh lift, Dr. Brought can help you achieve your goals — even when diet and exercise just won’t work. The Plastic Surgeon Patients Trust When you schedule a consultation at SPRSI, Dr. Brought can answer your questions about: Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) — Pregnancy and weight loss are some of the reasons you may have an unsightly abdominal area that just won’t improve, even with careful dieting and regular exercise. Abdominoplasty can provide a flatter, contoured and more aesthetically pleasing figure. It can also remove lower abdominal stretch marks and tighten laxity in abdominal musculature. Ask Dr. Brought about mini-abdominoplasty to see if that’s the right choice for you. Liposuction — Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in America and is less invasive than a tummy tuck. Liposuction eliminates excess fat deposits in problem areas, such as the abdomen and thighs. Liposuction is not an alternative to losing weight, but it’s a tool used for body sculpting to give you the shape you desire. It is often the perfect adjunct to help eliminate love handles, saddlebags and areas you can’t seem to get into shape. With the proper technique, women and men alike have seen dramatic results from liposuction. Mommy Makeover — Restoring the figure to pre-pregnancy shape is a top priority for many new mothers. The mommy makeover might include a breast augmentation or lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. You deserve to look as young as you feel, so schedule a consultation with Dr. Brought today. Thigh Lift and Arm Lift — The thighs and upper arms often retain stubborn fat deposits that won’t budge, despite disciplined fitness habits. Genetics, sun exposure, weight loss and aging are just a few of the reasons that these problem areas are difficult to shape through lifestyle changes. Dr. Brought can help you achieve your desired shape through lift surgery or a combination or lift and liposuction. Buttocks augmentation — If you want a fitter, firmer and more youthful appearance, consider buttocks augmentation. The “Brazilian” butt lift, especially when used with liposuction, can enhance the appearance of the buttocks while reducing the size of the surrounding areas. This results in a shapelier, more appealing silhouette. Fat transfer/grafting — Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could move fat from one part of your body to another? With fat transfer, you can. Fat transfer or fat grafting provides safe, long-lasting results. Move fat from your thighs or buttocks to your breasts, face, hands or other locations. Imagine filling wrinkles, scars and depressions with your own donor fat or supplementing your breast augmentation with donor fat for a more natural appearance. Contact Dr. Brought to find out if you’re a candidate for this less invasive procedure that produces extremely natural results. Labiaplasty — When vaginal lips create discomfort or pain because of size or appearance, labiaplasty can help. Labiaplasty changes the size or shape of the vaginal lips, which may become distorted because of childbirth, aging or heredity. Panniculectomy — If you have loose skin that hangs below your belly button, you may be a candidate for panniculectomy. Panniculectomy corrects loose skin and prevents health problems such as yeast infections, back pain and cysts. With a flatter, firmer belly, you’ll feel more confident and have an easier time fitting into your clothes. Are You a Candidate for Plastic Surgery? If you’re interested in a body contouring procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brought. The best candidates for surgery do not smoke, exercise regularly, eat a diet comprised of healthy nutrients, maintain a stable weight and are in general good health. During your consultation, Dr. Brought will perform an examination and will explain the procedure and the expected recovery in detail. If you’re not a candidate for surgery, Dr. Brought may suggest suitable alternatives. About Nathan Brought, DO FACOS and SPRSI Dr. Nathan Brought is an osteopathic surgeon with dual certifications from the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery and the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. Dr. Brought provides holistic care to patients in the Nashville and Franklin, TN regions in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Brought is a member of the American Osteopathic Association, the Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Association. The Tennessee Athletic Commission, and the Tennessee Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He graduated from Dickinson College and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Call SPRSI for a consultation at (615) 791-9090.