Live A Lifestyle to Envy in Western Connecticut

When it comes to quality of life, no other region compares to Western Connecticut. You’ll discover stunning parks, lakes and trails. You’ll see extraordinary live performances, dine in renowned restaurants and shop the best boutiques. Western Connecticut has everything you and your employees need to live a satisfying lifestyle. LIVING Ask Western Connecticut residents why our region is so popular and chances are you’ll hear the same answer. A wealth of regional amenities and services you can access with less traffic congestion make living a relaxed lifestyle easier. Western Connecticut offers all of the benefits of the New York City region — with fewer challenges. ARTS, CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT Whether you’re taking in a performance at the Ridgefield Playhouse or exploring the latest exhibition at Western Connecticut State University’s state-of-the-art Visual and Performing Arts Center, you’ll love our vibrant cultural scene. From big-name acts to the latest community theater production, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Western Connecticut. NATURAL BEAUTY Spend an afternoon driving through Western Connecticut and you’ll understand why residents and vacationers rave about our region’s natural beauty. Catch a sunset at Candlewood Lake, or hike through Topstone Park and spend the afternoon watching the kids swim. You’ll love everything about our communities, from our winding, tree-lined roads to our protected open spaces. SPORTS & RECREATION Western Connecticut offers numerous outdoor and indoor sports and recreation options. Work out, play tennis or golf at public facilities and private clubs and rec centers. Bike, hike, swim, sail, kayak and standup paddleboard in summer, and skate, snowshoe and ski in winter. Love skiing? We’re within minutes of local mountains, and only 2 hours from Vermont. SHOPPING Western Connecticut is a major retail hub. You’ll find the state’s largest mall, Danbury Fair, plus your choice of home improvement, grocery and big box stores off I-84. Travel a little deeper into our communities and you’ll discover charming districts with one-of-a-kind boutiques. Whether you’re looking for handmade chocolates, vintage couture or the latest toys, you’ll love to shop in Western Connecticut. HEALTHCARE From healthcare to house cleaners, Western Connecticut offers a range of medical services. The Western Connecticut Health Network operates two campuses, including one in New Milford, and centers of excellence for orthopedics, radiology, weight loss and the treatment of cancer, in addition to cardiovascular and digestive health. You’ll also find numerous providers of legal, financial and home improvement services, in addition to salons and spas. HIGHER EDUCATION There are dozens of higher education institutions, technical and trade schools in the Western Connecticut region, including Western Connecticut University, Naugatuck Valley Community College, and Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute. Their students are a valuable resource for area businesses that need talented, motivated and trainable talent. In addition, students typically come from Western Connecticut, providing businesses with employees with longstanding ties to their communities.

Diverse Industries Thrive in Western Connecticut

Western Connecticut outperforms other regions during economic downturns because our economy is incredibly diverse, and our highly educated workforce includes a wealth of skilled professionals at all levels of experience. From digital media and healthcare to advanced manufacturing and financial services, you’ll find the people, space and support you need to prosper. DIGITAL media Digital media is one of the most exciting success stories in business and one of the fastest growing industries in Western Connecticut. With its close proximity to New York City, abundant affordable office space and a wealth of local talent resources, Western Connecticut is uniquely positioned to help your business succeed in this fast-paced industry. HEALTH care Western Connecticut is home to a broad, collaborative network of medical, dental and veterinary professionals, suppliers and resources. The region features two Western Connecticut Health Network hospitals in Danbury and New Milford, including centers of excellence in cardiovascular services, orthopedic and spine care, cancer, digestive disorders, radiology and weight loss surgery. There are hundreds of clinics, animal hospitals and practices in the region. ADVANCED manufacturing The marriage of technology and manufacturing has led to exciting innovations in products and processes in multiple industries. You’ll get more for your investment in Western Connecticut, where our workforce is one of the nation’s most productive. You’ll also find Western Connecticut has more college graduates, technicians, engineers and scientists than most other regions in the country. Our skilled workforce will help your business achieve best in class status. PHARMACEUTICALS & life sciences With a robust healthcare community, a large teaching hospital, prestigious universities and a top-20 pharmaceutical company nearby, Western Connecticut is the ideal location for your biotechnology company. You’ll have access to experienced professionals who are among the most ingenious and inventive in the business, plus highly skilled but trainable workers who will keep your business on the leading edge. RESEARCH & development Connecticut ranks first in the nation in research and development employment, and in the top 10 for scientist and engineer residents and patent approvals. Your business will have access to seasoned talent and trainable workers who have studied at the world’s most prestigious institutions. From alternative energy to nanotechnology, innovative businesses call Western Connecticut home. WAREHOUSE & distribution Western Connecticut is the ideal location for your warehouse and distribution business. The ten towns lie within minutes of I-84, I-684 and state routes 7, 53 and 58, giving you fast access to I-95, I-91 and I-80. You’ll also find several raw, developed and shovel-ready properties that can accommodate your warehouse needs with ease. FINANCIAL services The New York City region is a world leader in financial services. Your business can access clients in Manhattan, Stamford, Greenwich and White Plains quickly, while also securing the experienced and fresh talent you need to prosper. With more affordable real estate than neighboring regions, it’s no wonder savvy financial services businesses prefer Western Connecticut.

WCEDA | Why Western Connecticut

Western Connecticut is unique in the New York City region because we offer your business a talented workforce, plenty of developed and open space, lower comparative real estate costs and outstanding access to transportation infrastructure. Western Connecticut outperforms nearby regions because doing business here is easier and less expensive than in our neighboring towns. Our stable economy can give your business the support it needs to prosper. The diverse businesses in our region make us less likely to experience severe challenges during economic downturns. From digital media and advanced manufacturing to research and development, healthcare and financial services, businesses of all sizes and industries call Western Connecticut home. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll appreciate Western Connecticut most of all. Exceptional natural beauty, affordable real estate, outstanding public schools, a wealth of cultural and recreational activities and fast access to Manhattan mean you and your employees won’t just survive in Western Connecticut — you’ll thrive. Explore Western Connecticut today.

Talent and Innovation in Western Connecticut

Cutting edge businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industries call the Western Connecticut region home because the quality of our workforce is among the highest in the nation. You’ll find a wealth of seasoned and trainable talent, whether your business needs digital marketers, engineers, healthcare professionals, researchers, financiers, technicians or scientists. With a workforce that is diverse and highly skilled — our region has one of the highest 4-year college graduation rates in the country — your business can prosper in Western Connecticut. There are dozens of colleges and universities within a 50-mile radius of Western Connecticut, including some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world. Recruit graduates from Western Connecticut State University, Yale University, the University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University. Network in Western Connecticut’s deep professional communities to find seasoned executive leadership. Western Connecticut appeals to skilled individuals of all backgrounds, so finding the employees you need to grow your business is convenient and uncomplicated. Explore Western Connecticut and discover how our workforce will help your business thrive.

A Stable Economy Makes Western Connecticut a Smart Choice

Western Connecticut’s population grew more than Fairfield and Litchfield counties, as well as the state of Connecticut. Western Connecticut’s population is also diverse, and includes residents of a variety of backgrounds and ages. Key metric: The region’s population grew by 6% between 2000 and 2010. CEDS, p. 36 Incomes are high in Western Connecticut and there is a strong concentration of wealth. Danbury’s poverty rate is significantly lower than other major cities in the state, including Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford and Waterbury. Key metric: Danbury’s poverty rate of 10% is significantly lower than cities in Fairfield County, including Stamford and Bridgeport. CEDS, p. 60 There is a great deal of municipal support in Western Connecticut. With less debt than other municipal regions and a growing total fund balance, Western Connecticut enjoys a healthier and more sustainable fiscal outlook than other regions in the New York City metro area. Key metric: The per capita grand list for Western Connecticut is $132,600, considerably higher than the state’s average of $110,267. CEDS, p. 98 Employers can expect a strong competitive workforce advantage in Western Connecticut. The CEDS identified regional cluster synergies in Financial and Business Services, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Analytical Instruments, Arts and Culture, Education, Publishing and Printing, Distribution and Logistics. The Digital Media and Healthcare sectors are growing, and represent a significant percentage of the region’s population. Key metric: The U.S. Cluster Mapping project, directed by the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, observed that Western Connecticut has a considerable strategic advantage in 11 of 41 clusters. CEDS, p. 102