Washington Post Sunday Magazine | Ghost Writing

It turns out, politicians are human, too. Watching seasoned politicians at work, it’s difficult to imagine that they ever suffered from self-doubt. But in 60 hours of oral history interviews, men and women who now shape government policy revealed disappointments, exhilarations, vulnerabilities and humbling moments from their first political campaigns — campaigns that formed the foundation of their public careers. They ran for different reasons. Some first ran because they felt strongly about a

AtmosAir | How Bipolar Ionization Works

You can restore the air you breathe to safe, mountain-pure levels while improving energy efficiency with AtmosAir™. Our patented ionization tube cleans the air in the space you breathe, without using unsafe chemicals or creating any unwanted byproducts. When you choose AtmosAir™, you’ll harness the power of the Earth’s natural air cleaners no matter how close you are to the ocean, a waterfall or a lightning storm. Bipolar Ionization Airflow passes through our patented AtmosAir bipolar ionization tube. The tube energizes the air to form bipolar — positive and negative — air ions. The airflow distributes the energized ions into all of the spaces served by the duct system in an in-duct installation, or into the applicable space if a standalone unit is used. It’s that simple and elegant! The beauty of the AtmosAir™ system is just how easily it integrates into existing commercial and residential HVAC systems. Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir™ seeks out and neutralizes the contaminants at their source. This is vastly superior to most air purification methods because it works “in the space” where we work and play. AtmosAir™doesn’t wait for the pollutants to find their way into the filter within the air handler. Instead, our charged ions go to the contaminants in the space where you breathe, just as in nature. Benefits of BiPolar Ionization Bipolar ionization provides a huge range of benefits, including: Reduced dust and mold particles. Bipolar ions that bond with contaminants gain size and mass and drop to the floor, or return to the filter, making them easily cleaned from the air we breathe. Reduced odors. Bipolar ions break down odors at their source and eliminate them — no masking or diluting! Reduced VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Bipolar ions break down toxic gasses and compounds from dangerous chemicals such as cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, mold, mildew and more. Reduced bacteria and viruses. Because bipolar ions negatively affect the DNA of bacteria and viruses, you’ll protect your space’s inhabitants from illness and disease. Improved energy conservation. AtmosAir™ guarantees you’ll reduce your energy bills because you’ll spend less on heating and cooling ventilated air. With our technology, you’ll recycle conditioned, purified air instead. Reduced static electricity. Bipolar ionization naturally neutralizes the air, eliminating static charges. Significantly reduced maintenance. There are no filters to change or collector cells to clean. Simply replace the AtmosAir ionization tubes every two years. A safe, natural and environmentally friendly process. Our patented bipolar ionization technology uses no chemicals, heavy metals or mercury, and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultra-violet light. AtmosAir™ cleans your air the way nature intended. For more information about installing our patented air purification system in your building or residence, contact AtmosAir™.