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It turns out, politicians are human, too. Watching seasoned politicians at work, it’s difficult to imagine that they ever suffered from self-doubt. But in 60 hours of oral history interviews, men and women who now shape government policy revealed disappointments, exhilarations, vulnerabilities and humbling moments from their first political campaigns — campaigns that formed the foundation of their public careers. They ran for different reasons. Some first ran because they felt strongly about a

WCEDA | Why Western Connecticut

Western Connecticut is unique in the New York City region because we offer your business a talented workforce, plenty of developed and open space, lower comparative real estate costs and outstanding access to transportation infrastructure. Western Connecticut outperforms nearby regions because doing business here is easier and less expensive than in our neighboring towns. Our stable economy can give your business the support it needs to prosper. The diverse businesses in our region make us less likely to experience severe challenges during economic downturns. From digital media and advanced manufacturing to research and development, healthcare and financial services, businesses of all sizes and industries call Western Connecticut home. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll appreciate Western Connecticut most of all. Exceptional natural beauty, affordable real estate, outstanding public schools, a wealth of cultural and recreational activities and fast access to Manhattan mean you and your employees won’t just survive in Western Connecticut — you’ll thrive. Explore Western Connecticut today.

Boyer & Ritter | Divorce CPAs, Divorce Litigation Services

Evaluating and separating jointly held marital assets and debts is one of the biggest challenges in many divorces. Getting through this stressful time smoothly and fairly is often a top priority. However, dividing assets and debts can be extremely complex. A forensic accountant can assist in valuing marital assets and determining income available for support. At Boyer & Ritter, our team of forensic accountants can help you and your former spouse reach a fair settlement and define a clear dire

AtmosAir | How Bipolar Ionization Works

You can restore the air you breathe to safe, mountain-pure levels while improving energy efficiency with AtmosAir™. Our patented ionization tube cleans the air in the space you breathe, without using unsafe chemicals or creating any unwanted byproducts. When you choose AtmosAir™, you’ll harness the power of the Earth’s natural air cleaners no matter how close you are to the ocean, a waterfall or a lightning storm. Bipolar Ionization Airflow passes through our patented AtmosAir bipolar ionization tube. The tube energizes the air to form bipolar — positive and negative — air ions. The airflow distributes the energized ions into all of the spaces served by the duct system in an in-duct installation, or into the applicable space if a standalone unit is used. It’s that simple and elegant! The beauty of the AtmosAir™ system is just how easily it integrates into existing commercial and residential HVAC systems. Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir™ seeks out and neutralizes the contaminants at their source. This is vastly superior to most air purification methods because it works “in the space” where we work and play. AtmosAir™doesn’t wait for the pollutants to find their way into the filter within the air handler. Instead, our charged ions go to the contaminants in the space where you breathe, just as in nature. Benefits of BiPolar Ionization Bipolar ionization provides a huge range of benefits, including: Reduced dust and mold particles. Bipolar ions that bond with contaminants gain size and mass and drop to the floor, or return to the filter, making them easily cleaned from the air we breathe. Reduced odors. Bipolar ions break down odors at their source and eliminate them — no masking or diluting! Reduced VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Bipolar ions break down toxic gasses and compounds from dangerous chemicals such as cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, mold, mildew and more. Reduced bacteria and viruses. Because bipolar ions negatively affect the DNA of bacteria and viruses, you’ll protect your space’s inhabitants from illness and disease. Improved energy conservation. AtmosAir™ guarantees you’ll reduce your energy bills because you’ll spend less on heating and cooling ventilated air. With our technology, you’ll recycle conditioned, purified air instead. Reduced static electricity. Bipolar ionization naturally neutralizes the air, eliminating static charges. Significantly reduced maintenance. There are no filters to change or collector cells to clean. Simply replace the AtmosAir ionization tubes every two years. A safe, natural and environmentally friendly process. Our patented bipolar ionization technology uses no chemicals, heavy metals or mercury, and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultra-violet light. AtmosAir™ cleans your air the way nature intended. For more information about installing our patented air purification system in your building or residence, contact AtmosAir™.

12 Keys Rehab | Addiction Rehab Model

The 12 Keys Model of Treatment is a multi-track, multi-disciplinary method of treating addiction, mental and behavioral health, trauma and social problems simultaneously. The recovery process at 12 Keys is administered by a large and qualified professional staff who have received extensive training in this model - in addition to all their training for licensure and certification. Continuous assessment, monitoring and 1-1 counseling allow us to be very flexible when formulating treatment plans. Every case is different and each requires gathering information from a multitude of sources, including self-disclosure, family, peers and observations by the treatment team and support staff. Each source presents a point of view to be considered. The treatment planning is reviewed and approved by the Clinical Director and Medical Director prior to implementation. As the client progresses through the early stages of treatment, new problems and revelations begin to present. Our team is there to review and prescribe additional treatments for each specific problem. We employ many modalities of treatment, including EMDR, Bio Feedback, Motivational Interviewing and 1-1 discussions with staff who has training and experience dealing with the problem. Outcomes show that treating all the associated conditions combined with the 12 step rehab program produces excellent results. Treating the client holistically means we help The Mind, The Spirit and The Body concurrently. Our low client to therapist ratio is what affords us the time to identify and treat all the issues that drive addiction. Family involvement helps restore damaged relationships, provides relief for the family and begins to erase the guilt and other negative emotions that accompany addiction. At 12 Keys, each therapist handles at most a 5 client case load and has the support of the Clinical Director and Medical Director, along with 25 other staff members, most of whom are in recovery. There is always someone to talk to at 12 Keys.

Vigilant | Compliance Consulting Services

Vigilant Compliance provides comprehensive regulatory advisory solutions for a diverse range of financial firms. Our professionals implement sophisticated compliance plans for a global client base comprised of respected industry leaders. When you partner with Vigilant Compliance, you’re getting the industry-best practices that can define the future of your business. When it comes to strategic planning, leading investment advisers turn to Vigilant. Whether it’s outsourcing your Chief Compliance Officer and your compliance program, or turning to us for compliance support or specialized testing, we are the name you can trust. Investment Advisers Compliance Strict compliance with financial regulations is the hallmark of every reputable business in the financial industry. If your business needs a Chief Compliance Officer, Vigilant Compliance can provide the in-depth analysis and strategic planning you need to succeed. Our 5 Step Matrix System lets you choose the service or services that are right for your business, whether you need to create a new compliance manual, assess existing risks, conduct due diligence or complete SEC reports. Vigilant Compliance can also help your business manage complex regulatory issues successfully and strategically — so you can better plan for growth. Investment Adviser Training In today’s complex regulatory environment, building and sustaining a strong compliance foundation is essential. Ignorance is no excuse, and your firm needs a compliance consultant who understands industry best practices. You also want to work with someone who can implement these practices throughout your staff. Vigilant Compliance provides comprehensive compliance training tailored to standard and company-specific solutions. Mutual Fund Compliance The 5 Step Matrix System is an outstanding resource for mutual funds that require experienced compliance oversight. Vigilant Compliance provides mutual fund leaders with the knowledge they need to stay in compliance in today’s complex regulatory environment — while also planning for strong future results. Review marketing materials, conduct insider trading training, prepare quarterly Board compliance reports, resolve SEC inquiries and more. Private Equity and Hedge Funds A strong compliance program isn’t just a necessity, but it’s a competitive advantage – especially if you represent a hedge fund or private equity firm. Hedge funds and private equity firms must comply with strict compliance rules based on investment styles. When you partner with Vigilant Compliance, you can identify potential conflicts of interest, develop compliance programs for complex transactions and perform counterparty reviews. You can also complete required Code of Ethics training, and resolve SEC inquiries. We’ve all seen what happens when private investment firms don’t meet compliance regulations — if your business is a private equity firm or hedge fund, Vigilant understands your compliance needs. Broker Dealer Compliance Broker dealers must meet a diverse range of complex regulatory requirements. Vigilant Compliance provides multi-dimensional, sophisticated consulting services, and outsourced Chief Compliance professionals for new and existing broker dealers. Vigilant Compliance also offers a 5 Step Matrix System that can provide your broker dealer with everything from simple advisory services to comprehensive regulatory staffing and support. Assure your broker dealer stays on the right side of the law with Vigilant Compliance. Cybersecurity Solutions Corporate cybersecurity has been a growing focus of many corporations, businesses and organizations around the world. Vigilant Compliance can assess current, existing and potential threats to you and your company. Threats come in all shapes and sizes; from 3rd party vendors to internal quality control processes. We’ll provide a detailed report of any and all cyber risks as well as recommendations and remedies. You’ll also receive a tailored security policy and incident response policy. Protect yourself from cybersecurity threats today. RIA Registration If you’re considering launching your own investment adviser practice, Vigilant Compliance can help you address the regulatory challenges that define our industry. Vigilant Compliance provides comprehensive RIA registration services, including drafting application forms, developing policies and procedures, and responding to regulatory comments. Should you choose to outsource your Chief Compliance Officer, or if your existing CCO needs support, Vigilant Compliance provides sophisticated advice. Mock SEC Exam Is your firm prepared for an SEC Exam? Vigilant Compliance has taken 10 years of compliance knowledge it has developed in the industry and applied it to a Mock SEC Exam Program specifically designed for Investment Advisers and Registered Investment Companies (RIAs). This program will prepare your firm and employees for an SEC exam through a live examination conducted by Vigilant which mirrors the key procedures followed by the SEC. Our Mock SEC exams also simultaneously test the effectiveness of your compliance program by reviewing various aspects of your firm’s SEC compliance. Contact us today to schedule your Mock SEC exam. Vigilant Consulting Services Vigilant Consulting has worked with many of the most respected thought leaders in the financial industry. We are ready to put our multifaceted experience and unparalleled industry knowledge to work for you. When you choose Vigilant Consulting, you’ll gain a partner who will take the time to understand the culture and history of your firm – a culture and history that excellently predict future growth. Vigilant Consulting will help your firm plan for future growth strategically, regardless of your area of expertise. When you’re ready to put our knowledge to work for your future, call Vigilant Compliance.

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Get the Results You Deserve at Maryland’s Best Fitness Studio If you want to lose weight, and you’re tired of feeling frustrated at the gym, it's time to join Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios. Our dedicated fitness professionals maximize your workout with a customized, comprehensive training plan that burns fat, builds lean muscle mass and boosts metabolism. Schedule a free consultation and demo workout with a professional at EIF. The Benefits of Fat Loss Programs EIF is the best weight loss program in Millersville, MD because our professionals know how to optimize your exercise time. Although achieving a fit appearance is a top goal of many of our clients, our weight loss programs are about so much more than wearing the same size you wore in high school. Our customized fat loss programs can: 1. Give obesity - and the life-threatening health problems that go along with it - the kick to the curb it deserves. 2. Boost your metabolism so you burn calories faster. 3. Improve your energy level, mood, self-esteem, confidence and sex drive. 4. Help you overcome exercise plateaus so you can achieve peak athletic performance. 5. Get you off blood pressure and other medications. 6. Reduce your risk of heart disease and other deadly conditions. Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women of All Ages and Abilities No matter where you are in your fitness journey, your EIF professional can design a weight loss program that works. The training you’ll get will motivate you to reach your weight loss goals, safely and reliably. Forget about the days you spent feeling intimidated at the gym, unsure how much weight to use or how many reps to do — your trainer will motivate and guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a beginner who needs to learn proper form or an experienced athlete who wants to get in even better shape, the professionals at EIF will empower you to achieve peak performance. EIF Is More Than a Gym EIF is the hands-on approach that empowers you to achieve your personal best results. When you join EIF, you’ll get: 1. The Best Personal Trainers, as voted by Maryland residents eight years in a row. 2. Our exclusive Body of Excellence training plan that's the best fat loss program in Severn, MD. 3. An uncrowded, clean space with equipment that’s in perfect condition. 4. Award-winning professionals who are unparalleled in helping clients meet and exceed their fitness goals. 5. Goal-focused training that motivates and inspires you to perform your best at every workout. The Clear Leader in Personal Fitness Training Why spend the rest of your life wishing you looked and felt better? Leave ambivalence and low energy behind and set the high fitness bar you deserve with training from EIF. Call EIF today to schedule your free consultation and workout demo!

Aquatic Facility Design | Custom Swimming Pool Designs for Luxury Homes

INVESTMENT GRADE CUSTOM HOME POOLS Aquatic Facility Design, Inc., is a full service aquatic design firm that specializes in the creation of heirloom quality, investment-grade pools and water structures. We have extensive experience in the creation, construction, maintenance and renovation of aquatic facilities. Our pool designer's philosophy is built around the principle of creating luxurious home swimming environments that are functional, beautiful and made to last. One of the qualities that set us apart from other design firms is our commitment to designing for time-tested construction practices. Instead of cutting corners with less proven methods, we rely on techniques that result in beautiful environments built to withstand the test of time. Quite simply, at Aquatic Facility Design, we blend our experience building utilizing the finest old world construction practices, with the latest innovative design techniques and aquatic technology to design among the finest and most luxurious residential pools in the world. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS From marble and stone to porcelain tile, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to your home swimming pool design. We can create visually stunning indoor pool designs that capture the essence of your lifestyle as well as outdoor residential pool designs that blend perfectly with your environment and existing architecture. From lap pools to in-ground pools to spas and more, no other aquatic structure company in the industry can match the design and construction expertise of Aquatic Facility Design. A COMMITMENT TO LONG-LASTING QUALITY Our luxury pool designers and renovation experts marry the best of old world construction practices with the latest in modern, innovative design to create structures of incredible beauty and durability. Need to renovate? No problem: we can plan a swimming pool renovation that will have your guests sighing in envy. Instead of cutting corners with less proven methods, we rely on techniques that result in beautiful environments built to withstand the test of time. OLD-WORLD PRACTICES INCORPORATED INTO YOUR DESIGN Aquatic Facility Design has a unique background into the construction, renovation and maintenance of aquatic structures. Our sister company, Boyer Pools, has constructed many of the finest residential, recreational and professional pools since 1963. During that time, we’ve had the opportunity to dissect and study pools from as far back as the 1930s — pools that have outlasted their contemporary counterparts. In the process, we’ve maintained a commitment to those tried-and-true practices instead of replacing them with today’s quality-compromising short cuts. FORM AND FUNCTION All aquatic structures and features have specific functions, whether for exercise, sport, recreation or relaxation. Without proper planning, a swimming pool can either be too basic or too elaborate. The ideal custom pool plan perfectly blends desired appearance with design, environment, safety and regulatory considerations. At Aquatic Facility Design, our custom swimming pool designs will strike a balance to create aquatic environments that are both practical and visually appealing. Our designers draw upon 50 years of aquatic construction experience while taking surrounding architecture and landscape into account, so the pool's appearance blends beautifully into its nearby environment. Such considerations may lead to outdoor swimming pools that mirror the lines of neighboring buildings, or pool colors designed to reflect the sky, building lights, natural rock features or cloud-covered mountains. The indoor pools we create are just as visually stunning and practical as our outdoor structures with a range of lighting and finishing materials and effects. We’ve created elegant indoor glass tiled pools with a classical Roman feel as well as underwater-lit pools that create unique shadows on walls and ceilings. The materials and colors you choose will provide the backdrop for a beautiful and functional aquatic structure that compliments your surrounding environment — both indoors and out. Contact us today to start planning your heirloom, investment-grade pool that will best fit your lifestyle.

Beaver Mountain | Quality Handcrafted Log Homes

Quality Handcrafted Log Home Builders of Beaver Mountain Can you imagine warming your hands with a mug of coffee on your wraparound porch as the sun peeks above the trees? How about chatting with your adult kids over a glass of wine at the kitchen island as snow falls outside? Can you picture spending a quiet evening in front of the fire with a good book and cozy blanket? If these idyllic scenes sound appealing, then call Beaver Mountain for an appointment to discuss how a handcrafted log home can make your lifestyle dreams complete. Designing and building a handcrafted log home is unlike any other home construction or renovation experience. Details such as wood type and quality, storage and transport can all make the difference between a low quality constructed home and one that surpasses every expectation. At Beaver Mountain, we understand you neither have the time nor the inclination to manage these details. That’s why busy professionals choose us to facilitate their log home construction dreams. Handcrafted Log Homes Built with Expertise Beaver Mountain is owned and operated by construction professionals with three generations of experience. We use 10” White Pine log walls for a thick, high-grade, energy efficient wood structure that makes for incredible eco-consciousness and rock-solid durability. We partner with well-known manufacturing companies, such as Pella, GAF Elk Shingles and Andersen, because we believe the finishes installed in our premium log homes should be as high a quality as the logs that comprise them. Beaver Mountain works with the finest design and construction professionals in the industry today. These professionals will custom craft your log home so the components fit together perfectly, every time. We pre-cut components, many based on the unique specifications of individual projects. And because we handcraft our log homes one at a time, you can rest assured that your project will receive our undivided attention and commitment to superior customer service. We partner with the industry’s best manufacturers of windows, roofing and more. Our designers can help you choose interior fixtures and furnishings that will suit your tastes and desires. We won’t be satisfied unless you are, which is why we will be with you from the moment you meet your dedicated construction advisor to the second you step over your new log home’s threshold. Discover How Easy the Construction Process can be Beaver Mountain understands your design/build project is more than logs and stones and appliances. It is a dream, but one you may not have the time to realize on your own. That is where we can help. With Beaver Mountain, you get a dedicated project advisor who is with you every step of the way, from creating the design of your completely custom log home and ensuring building codes are properly met to assisting you in the builder selection process and identifying your best finance options. Building a custom log home can seem daunting. Dealing with contractors, finding the finest artisans and managing permits and approvals can be a challenge. When you partner with Beaver Mountain, we manage those details on your behalf. That means you can spend your time planning cozy weekends with your family instead of racing to deal with contractors, suppliers and designers. We will help you design your home and recommend expert builders to construct it. From interior designers to landscape professionals to roofers and more, we have the industry connections you may never discover otherwise. Put Beaver Mountain’s Expertise to Work for You Today Don’t make a homebuilding investment without talking to Beaver Mountain first about your options. With three generations of quality construction expertise and a passion for providing a full service building experience, Beaver Mountain can deliver your log home dreams. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your custom log home dreams and discover why thousands of happy homeowners have turned to us to fulfill theirs!